Dex2rose – Nitrogen Gelato

Nitrogen Gelato has been on Melbourne’s foodie scene for quite some time now. However if you’ve never tried it, let me quickly explain how it works. Liquid nitrogen is added into the gelato mixture to flash-freeze the gelato for even smaller ice crystals, resulting in an even smoother texture while using less sugar at the same time.


One of the newest kids on the block, serving this kind of creamy, smooth and inventive gelato goodness is Dex2Rose in Melbourne’s CBD.

Dex2Rose is strongly focused on the experience of great flavours combinations .

In fact they combine innovative flavours you’d have never dared to imagine they would work together so well, let alone for anyone to use them to make gelato.
Just close your eyes and try to imagine the taste of a gelato flavour made with savoury sage, burnt butter and caramel on your tongue. Or one where they use rich, dark espresso combined with indulgent coconut cream.
It sounds interesting, doesn’t it! Let me assure you the taste is even better. It’s like a marriage of flavours made in heaven!
So good in fact that we couldn’t stop eating our way through their entire selection.

The menu changes every fortnight for you to discover even more clever and outstanding flavour combinations.

To round-up the flavour experience at Dex2Rose you’ll find a fine selection of coffee, Cold Brew Coffee (which is excellent, let me assure you!), Cold Brew Tea and Cold Pressed Juice, made in-house with seasonal fruits that change every couple of days.

I personally can’t wait to head back and see what’s new on the menu this week and I know some of my friends who I have sent there over the course of the last two weeks are also a little bit addicted with Dex2Rose nitrogen gelato.


More information
Dex2Rose Nitrogen Gelato
377 Lt. Bourke Street (Access through Racing Club Lane)

Website | Facebook

Sun –Thurs: 12pm – 11pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of Public Holidays: 12pm – Midnight


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