Delicious Denim at Dejour Jeans


Yes, I know all y’all hipsters out there already know of this place. First out – good on ya! For the rest of you: hold your breath and be prepared to change your jeans habits forever.

For me finding a pair of new jeans is a quest that I don’t particularly like. I don’t know if it’s navigating through the myriad of different fits or the sweatiness of trying on a zillion different, equally ill-fitting, jeans in a small little booth with bad lighting and a horrible mirror. All those jeans trips usually ends with me feeling woozy, giving up and going for a beer instead.

Needing jeans so badly but not wanting to hit the stores I had gotten to the point when I contemplated having a custom pair made for me. I started googling like crazy for good jeans seamstresses and stumbled on a few raving blog posts about Dejour Jeans. From them I felt I had to give them at least a chance before giving up the almighty jeans quest completely.


The outside of Dejour Jeans is quite bland, I almost passed it the first time I was going there despite using Google maps on my phone and looking all over. Nevermind that. Just step into the shop and enter jeans heaven.

In the 15 minutes I spent in the store that first time I saw the light at the end of my jeans tunnel (yes I know this whole article might sound a little religious. And you’re right, it is, but a pair of really good jeans is as close to religion I’ll ever get).



The glory of Dejour isn’t about a massive amount of different fits and sizes – it’s in their handiwork. When you get there you start by choosing from waist sizes and waist height (for women; low, mid or high) or waist and fit (for men; regular, slim fit etc). Once you have a decent waist fit they’ll start working their magic. Because the beauty of this place is that they customise the jeans until they fit you perfectly. Best part of this – the re-work is completely free!

Well, you’ll have to pay for the jeans of course. But priced around $50 a pair, it’s a steal. And I know I’m about to sound like a really badly written sales flyer, but I simply can’t help myself:

It doesn’t stop there! You know after a while when your new skinny jeans stretches and doesn’t feel as snug as before and you have got those denim bags at the knees and a bit of looseness around your romp? Yes you do, we’ve all been there. It’s OK. Because you can just take the jeans back and they’ll take them in for you so they’ll be back to their perfect fit again. You’ll have to part from your beloved jeans overnight but it won’t cost you a cent.

Are you converted yet?


The jeans are 100% Australian made and comes in a variety of colours. Being somewhat scared of anything colourful I always tend to go for the safe choice (black), but you know, you can do something different. Maybe red? Red is cute. Maybe I should get a pair of red jeans.


They are open Monday to Saturday. I always try to come early in the week early in the day as Saturdays tend to be really, really busy. Busy as in having to wait for quite some time to get to a fitting room. Sometimes they have even closed the shop because they couldn’t take more people in. It’s busy, bustling and takes a while to get through, but in the end it will be totally worth it. I promise.


Dejour Jeans
542 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Victoria 3056
(03) 9380 4884

Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 09:30 – 17:00
Sat: 10:00 – 16:30

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  • Sophie says:

    I would have agreed until last week. Once a happy customer here, I took interstate family to visit the store and hopefully score some great new jeans, only to be refused entry due to my SERVICE DOG (fully certified and allowed wherever I am, according to Australian law, ya know?) Not being welcome. When trying to explain this to the clerk, was shouted out and PHYSICALLY ushered back out the door. Needless to say, I am no longer a customer. I would rather pay triple the amount than support a store who not only feels they can defy federal law, but also feel it appropriate to discriminate against disabled persons requiring animal assistance for daily living.

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