Das T-Shirt Automat – Greville Street



Wouldn’t you know, our friends at Das T-Shirt Automat has gone and opened at a second location! We’ve been keeping close tabs on the development, living around the corner and all. They’ve put in silly amounts of time painting those mandatory stripes all across the facade, and we sure do appreciate that. It kind of looks like there’s a wee piece of candy on that Greville Street corner.


And what’s on offer? Well, expect the usual t-shirts and hoodies and whatnot. Whatever fabric printing dreams you have, you can get it done, right here in the south side. Yay!


And although the T-Shirt Automat on Greville Street doesn’t offer any record printing (sorry all y’all musicians south side, you’ll still have to make your way to Fitzroy), there is a back room and we here there might be some magic brewing. We’re keeping our ears against the wall and will keep you all posted on any new developments!


Want to know more about Das T-Shirt Automat? We visited their Johnston Street shop not too long ago, and got all the deets. Or just head on over to Greville Street, have a seat on one of those perfectly white chairs, get a t-shirt printed and have a conversation and a laugh with whoever’s behind the counter that day.


Das T-Shirt Automat
127 Greville Street, Prahran
03 9533 8148

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Saturday / 11am – 6pm
Sunday – Monday / Closed

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