Code Black (North Melbourne)

Code Black has gotten another space and has recently opened up in North Melbourne. Although, to be honest, this location has been a long time a-coming. It was actually supposed to be their first location, but sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan, and they ended up opening their first roastery + cafe in Brunswick. But we’re not here to talk about Brunswick, we’re here for the new North Melbourne cafe.

Set just a couple of blocks from Vic Market, Code Black is nestled among some trees on a quiet street. The look of the pastel warehouse front continues inside and boy am I a sucker for the look of it. Whites and pastels throughout, with black details and a whole lot of wood. The Scandinavian in me (well, that would be all of me) is loving it. It’s so pretty that I wanted to throw out all the customers and move in. I’d of course keep the kitchen staff and at least one barista.

On that note, let’s talk edibles and drinkables. The coffee was according to my co-brunchers, damn good. Well, you would kind of expect that from a cafe that also has its own roastery. The chai was crazy creamy, with a smooth round flavour. You didn’t hear me complaining about it, that’s for sure.

The cafe was busy, so we waited a wee while for the food. Well, no harm done because it was damn delicious when it came out. I had a simple seven seeds grain toast with poached eggs and sides of avocado and halloumi, all done to perfection. I’ll quote my husband on this one, he had a bite and said “so simple, but such a great taste!”.

And now I’m too hungry to continue writing more about it. I need to leave to go foraging for food. Preferably to Code Black, cause damn, it’s good.

Code Black Howard St
119 Howard St, North Melbourne

Opening Hours
Mon – Sun / 7am – 5pm

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