Classy Cocktails and Flat Food at Morris Jones


We were going out for a bite to eat one night, the hubby and I. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but after having been told there was a kick ass white chocolate martini, we steered our way to Morris Jones.

Having passed it before and never entered due to the fact I always feel underdressed and from the street it always looks so posh. Of course I felt underdressed when going there, but this time we went in anyway.

And yes, when you get in – the feeling is still posh. Although, and this surprised us quite a bit, a lot of the details in the interior seemed to clash. It was a posh restaurant that borrowed details from a younger sister with a lot less budget. It’s only a few details though, such as the plaid sofa and gerbera-in-a-small-vase, which felt late 90’s.


We didn’t go there for the interior design after all. And I must say – the bar part of it was quite neat and the small open space at the back looked really quaint. But onwards to the edible parts!

First out was cocktails. Since we’ve already heard so much about them, we couldn’t quite go here without trying some. One of the mocha white chocolate martini, and me, having cocktail taste buds of a 5 year old, had something pink. Well, it was called Amelia and had elderberry in them, and I’m a sucker for elderberry.

And they were good, oh so good. Quite often when it comes to cocktails, they feel a bit skimpy in size. This one though – I thought it would never end. Which is a big thumbs up.


After drinks comes food. And at this stage I had forgotten about putting the napkin in my lap (I know, I’m not up to posh standards!), and the waiter did it for me. I don’t know why, but I always feel like a little kid when that happens, don’t you?

We ordered a few smaller dishes, with the intention of sharing, but that sort of never happened. All of the portions were quite small, except the one pictured below. That was by far the best one of the night, though. I mean a risotto with mushrooms and truffles? You had me at risotto. And mushrooms. And truffles. Well, you get the picture.


It was all in all a good experience (although a bit pricey). The food was a bit uneven but on the good side but the night’s unchallenged winner was definitely the cocktails! I’ll go back next time I’m around the area and wearing what I think is at least somewhat fancy clothing, and enjoy another what I assume will be amazing cocktail.

I want to say that I’d go back for the food, but I’m afraid that’s not really true. There’s so many great restaurants in that area and if I want a really fancy dinner experience I think I would rather end up at Chez Olivier or the likes. But the cocktails – mm mm mmm!

Morris Jones
163 Chapel Street, Windsor
03 9533 2055

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