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Cake! That single word pretty much tells you everything about Chez Dré. I guess I already had you at “cake” and by now you are very curious about Chez Dré and want me to tell you a bit more about it. Well, nothing easier than that:

You just walk down the cobblestone path, down in South Melbourne (close to the Market), acknowledge the small sign above you on your left and then you enter into a world of wonder and awe.

The converted warehouse patisserie and boulangerie Chez Dré, created by patisserie chef Andrea Reiss, or Dre, and business partner Steve Sam, might look tiny from its outside but once you step inside you’ll be amazed by how huge the place actually is (They even have a fairly big backyard).



There’s a huge open kitchen for all of its customers to stare in amazement, and beautiful window displays of macaroons and other sweets and treats to gawk at, not to mention the showcase of baguettes, breads and croissants.

A pastry cabinet is filled with tarts, madeleines, gateaux and macarons that have been made in-house in the open kitchen.

Although pastries are definitely Chez Dre’s #1 strength – with their unusual flavour combinations and good quality – hot food is also on the menu, with all-day breakfast dishes and some lunch options and a range of baguettes.




The food is very nice, quite innovative and you can tell that it’s been made with fresh ingredients. Dishes are well presented and they add some little touches, which make them more special.



Big bonus point: Chez Dré has free and fast Wifi and a couple of spots at the back of the café have power plugs. To find out the password to the Wifi, just ask one of the staff members.
I wouldn’t recommend to go there to get some work done though. Like I’ve mentioned before, this place does gets very busy and unless you have noise cancelling headphones, it is tricky to blend out your surroundings on focus on your work.

It is definitely a good place to go. I must say that even though they are always busy, they are very well organised and the staff knows what’s going on, which is kindly appreciated.


Chez Dré
(rear of) 285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3205

Phone: (03) 9690 2688

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7:30 am – 04:30pm

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