Capitan Fracassa in Balaclava


I was on my way to my office, as I’ve noticed that a new cafe has opened up on Carlisle St in Balaclava.
A big sign in front of it pointed out, that they are catering to vegans, vegetarians, carnivores… basically to everyone. It’s name: Capitan Fracassa



As a vegetarian, eating out with my meat loving friends is usually only half the fun, at least for me as there are mainly meat dishes on the menu and I have an option of about 3 choices. So reading that there is a cafe now on the block that covers all options got me really excited.




Capitan Fracassa is a family run business and the owners and the staff are all absolutely amazingm, super friendly, always open for a chat and let me tell you… they know their food.

Offering a huge selection of vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes, they cater for breakfast and lunch with options such as salads, sandwiches, your typical brekkie, and of course sweet and savoury treats.

First time I was there I’ve ordered the “Pulled Tofu Sandwich”. Sounds a bit unusual, I know but the combination of perfectly fried tofu, harissa, onions and spices is simply delicious. I got my meat loving friends to try it and they loved, loved, loved it as well.




Second time around, I took Stina with me to Capitan Fracassa and we had “The Big One” – a grilled field mushroom burger with the lot and also the “No Grainer Spaghetti” – oven roasted zucchini spaghetti with black beans an d guacamole sauce. Both triggered our taste buds to oblivion.



I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with their food. From now on I’m a regular there, so if you ever wanna meet me, there is a good chance you’ll find me there :)

And now to yet another big bonus of Capitan Fracassa… They offer free wi-fi – and there is no limit to it. Just ask for the password at the bar and you are good to go.


More Information:

Capitan Fracassa
115 Carlisle Street
Balaclava, VIC 3183

Open: Mon-Sun 7:30am-3:30pm.

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