Campari House Rooftop Bar



There should be a rooftop bar on every building in the CBD in my opinion – simply for the fact that I’m an avid rooftop bar lover and I know for a fact that Stina shares that passion with me. Which was why it didn’t take much convincing for my part to get her out of her office and join me on that newly discovered rooftop hangout in Hardware Ln.

Campari House has been there for a while already, it is not one of the new kids on the block. But it was new to me that if you ignore the bar and restaurant downstairs and make that marathon hike up an artfully graffitied staircase you’ll be greeted by a decent sized rooftop bar.



There are plenty of seats, heaters for colder nights and days, a small selections of after work food options and a cocktail happy hour!
Popular with an after work crowd, it seems to attract less of the “awkward mismatched clearly colleagues not friends” crew and more groups of apres work friends meeting up to wind down.

The bar is a comfortable blend of knock off drinks and social gatherings. AstroTurf, oversized wine barrels and a recycled timber door feature wall all add to the bars interesting eclecticism without feeling shabby.







You can probably guess by all the pictures we took we were quite smitten with this rooftop gem. There is really nothing to complain about.
Food and cocktails were very good and the service at the bar was friendly and helpful – just as it should be.

Expect us to be back soon! You’re welcome to join us!


Campari House and Rooftop Bar
23 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Phone: (03) 9600 1574
Website | Facebook

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