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Melbourne is really spoilt with brunch options, and this is another gem. Trust me, it is. I have passed this place many a time, but never looked twice. I really don’t know why, but I assume the around the corner position didn’t engage me. Yes, there might be something wrong with me. But when a group of friends where heading here, I was quick to jump the gun and say something along the lines of “yes. Yes. Yes! YES!”. This is by the way the standard response to anyone who asks if we should go out for brunch. Brunch is, and will always be, the best meal of any day.

Top Paddock is nestled, as I said, on a corner. Once you get off Church Street, it looks awfully cute, and it is. The inside is fairly loud, but the background noise of clattering plates, the hum of the coffee machines and the voices of people all together somehow forms the life force of Top Paddock. For me it simply wouldn’t be the same without it.


If there’s something they know how to do at Top Paddock, it’s how to present food nicely. Just take a look at what I ordered (Drunken ginger bread with seasonal berries & chocolate mascarpone, $15.50). To me it looks more like a painting of a summer meadow than something you would eat. They say you eat with your eyes as well, and in this case, I sure did. Not to mention it was bloody tasty as well.

The flavours of the food are all fresh, crisp and very suitable for summer. The menu changes every month depending on what’s in season.


We took way too many images here (come on, the food really was that pretty), so we’ve put together a little image gallery below, as to not overload you. If you’re too tired to check out the pictures, just head on over there and eat a bit. I promise you it’ll be worth it.

  • 131211_TopPaddock-26 131211_TopPaddock-26
  • 131211_TopPaddock-33 131211_TopPaddock-33
  • 131211_TopPaddock-32 131211_TopPaddock-32
  • 131211_TopPaddock-29 131211_TopPaddock-29
  • 131211_TopPaddock-27 131211_TopPaddock-27
  • 131211_TopPaddock-22 131211_TopPaddock-22
  • 131211_TopPaddock-23 131211_TopPaddock-23
  • 131211_TopPaddock-21 131211_TopPaddock-21
  • 131211_TopPaddock-19 131211_TopPaddock-19
  • 131211_TopPaddock-15 131211_TopPaddock-15
  • 131211_TopPaddock-13 131211_TopPaddock-13
  • 131211_TopPaddock-8 131211_TopPaddock-8
  • 131211_TopPaddock-6 131211_TopPaddock-6
  • 131211_TopPaddock-3 131211_TopPaddock-3
  • 131211_TopPaddock-35 131211_TopPaddock-35

Top Paddock Cafe
658 Church Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
(03) 9429 4332

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri / 7am – 4pm
Sat – Sun / 8am – 4pm

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