Brick Lane



This is the new kid on the block. It opened just a few weeks ago, just around the corner from Prahran station. As any new Melbourne restaurant worth its name, it has its own little thing. For Brick Lane its breakfast tapas. Yep, you heard me right. Tapas for breakfast. I’m actually a bit surprised this hasn’t been done before because it was definitely one of the best breakfast approaches I’ve seen in a long time.   



The place itself manages to walk the thin, thin line of clutter + airiness. There’s plenty things going on in the decor, but it all fits together in to one cohesive and fairly calm whole. I like!


But we’re not here for the interior, however nice it is. It’s all about the food, baby. Being tapas inspired, you pick and mix different food stuffs to create your own ideal breakfast. One type of toast here, maybe a couple of poached egg or some scrambled and then it’s time for the food flair. Choose between smaller pieces of food, like the Caprese toast (delicious!), the grilled asparagus with mushrooms (K&F favourite!) or some spicy chorizo. There’s more, but you’ll have to go there for the entire menu, okay?

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The food itself is tasty and perfectly balanced. We might have overstuffed ourselves. There were simply too many good options on the menu, we had to order them all and once we’ve done that, we couldn’t really stop eating it, could we?

Finally, the staff at this place requires a mention. Though I think staff at Melbourne’s cafés and restaurants in general are really nice and accommodating, these guys were the nicest ones I’ve encountered in a long, long while. Never far away from a joke or a helpful hint when we looked all confused and tried to decide.


Brick Lane
89 High Street, Prahran

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