Heisenberg is back – About the sixth and final season of Breaking Bad


In just a couple of weeks the last season of Breaking Bad is hitting a TV screen close to you (well, you know, at least in the states). Being a hardcore TV series nerd, I’m both excited as well as scared. As exciting as it is with new episodes I always feel a bit on edge knowing it will all be over soon.

So, for you non-Breaking bad nerds out there, here’s a quick sum up of the story (no spoiler alert). The series centers around Walter White, a happily married high school chemistry teacher that after being diagnosed with lung cancer, uses his chemistry skills to start cooking crystal meth with a former student. And when Walt White’s trying to look all drug kingpin he puts on a silly looking hat, as seen below. That’s about it.

I’m not going to tell you more, you’ll just have to see season one through five, ok? I promise you it will be worth it. So stop reading the rest, go back to your couch, relax and just watch. See you back in a few weeks! All you others – go on forward!


I wasn’t a big Breaking Bad fan until season 4. For some reason I thought Walt White was incredibly annoying (well, I still do), but having been a Jesse fan (yeah, I know, it’s not logical, but he struck a chord with me) I followed through. I figured it would be worth it in the end, and boy was it.

Anyway, I’m not here to reminisce about past episodes – we’re looking forward. There have been limited promotions for the new season from AMC; mainly some promo pics, a name lab on Facebook that allows you to put yourself in the credits, a poster and a few small videos such as this one:

More exciting is a short video AMC released from the set of the final 8 episodes. Unfortunately you can’t view it from Australia.. http://www.amctv.com/breaking-bad/videos/on-the-set-of-the-final-8-episodes-breaking-bad

“This is the end, my friend. It’s a roller coaster ride to hell,” Bryan Cranston says in that AMC Promo.

There are essentially only two ways this series can end. Either it all ends well; Walt and Skyler make up, he gives up the drug business and they live happily ever after, or it continues on the destructive path the series has so far followed and Walt fully becomes Heisenberg and either takes over the world or dies. I’m hoping for the latter, as it would make it more true to the story. If you looked at the video, or at least read the quote, I suspect this is the way things will end.

Interestingly enough a few of the actors drop remarks about how their characters hate Walter White. Well there’s something we haven’t seen before. Apart from Walt’s wife, the Walt Whitman resentment has been limited. And based on what I said earlier – yes I am really really really excited about seeing how this plays out.


Season 6 starts airing on August 11th on AMC in US.
Season 5 currently aired on Foxtel, and with their ‘Express from the US’ should they air the last 8 episodes soon. We’ll update when more info is available!

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