Breakfast with a history – St Kilda Dispensary


Even though the St Kilda Dispensary is only a short walk from where I live I didn’t manage to check it out until Stina (the other part of Klaus and Fritz) and me were in desperate need of some well earned coffee and tea.


First opened in 1940, the St Kilda Dispensary was the largest one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere at the time, housing doctors’ surgeries, a pharmacy, nurses and dentists. Today the place is home to a 2 room café and Kristy Andruszko, the owner of the café (who also used to live in Germany when she was younger), pays tribute to its origin through its interior design.



With nothing over $15, you’ll find yourself mouthwatering over options ranging from “Hickory smoked pulled pork, red cabbage and apple sauce on a brioche burger bun” to “The Muffnut” ( a combination of Muffin and Donut).

Dispensing caffeine in prescribed doses daily. No appointment necessary.

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We had some cupcakes, chai latte and coffee and will definitely be back to try their breakfast and lunch menu as well.

You can follow the ST Kilda Dispensary on Facebook to get their latest updates.


Address: 13 Brighton Road, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182
Open: Mo – Fr: 7:00am – 4:00pm  and Sa – So: 8:00am – 4:00pm

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