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I’ve passed by Stickybeak so many times, thought it looked cute, but for some reason I’ve never ventured inside. Don’t ask me why. So when a friend wanted to meet up for a Sunday morning breakfast a couple of weeks ago, I thought of this place and figured it was about time.

Actually before we go into Stickybeak details, I’ll give you the full story. Because this ended up being a mess of a breakfast date. First off: my phone died a couple of days before that Sunday, so we settled on the place via Facebook the day before. Only thing, we’d been discussing going to this other cafe as well. Anyhow, I left the house, dead set we had settled on Stickybeak, and since my phone was dead, there was no way to get a hold of me. Turns out we were both waiting for each other at different locations. Oh well. I might have been on my own, but I got a nice, quiet hour to myself in this cute little cafe, so all in all, it was well worth the outing.


Stepping in from the street you are greeted with an interior that combines dark grays with copper and wood. It’s all in all mellow colours but Stickybeak pulls it off without feeling gloomy. It’s more like stepping into someones home, just bigger, more open and with a whole lot of tables and chairs. I just like it, okay?

Stickybeak-6 Stickybeak-ChaiLatte-Exterior

The service is swift, and friendly and always with a smile. The girls that visited during my (lonely) visit were incredibly sweet, giving me just the right amount of attention and chattiness. While waiting I enjoyed one creamy chai latte, a perfect combo for that rainy morning.

As for food, the menu offered plenty delicious sounding options. I actually went for something from the lunch menu (and I never do! I’m a big breakfast lover) because a) it was on a bagel and b) there was mushroom on it. And oh my, was it good. It was mouth-watering, not too big, and kind of over the board delicious. I’ve caught myself day dreaming about this bagel more than once since my visit.


Stickybeak is the kind of place I’d happily spend another morning. Or arvo. Or lunch. Anything really. Only thing I’d do different next time is to bring along some company, or at least a book…

1/40 Green St, Windsor VIC 3181
(03) 9533 7380

Opening Hours
Mon – Sun / 7am – 4pm

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