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I call myself a book junkie. I think that comes with the territory when the most important thing when you move across the world is that you can bring your books with you. My friends call me a bit crazy, but I can’t fathom living without piles of books all around me. A visit to the weekly Fed Square Book Market has therefore very long been at the top of my list. For some inexplicable reason though, I’ve never made it there. Last weekend (just a few days after we’ve spent our first full year here) I finally went.

Arriving at the Atrium around midday I was initially a bit underwhelmed. It looked a bit scarce and all the people I could see where at least 60+. No offence, I have nothing against older people, but my taste in books kind of differs if you compare it to my parents generation. The worry was pre-emptive though, as 50 meters in, I was engulfed.

If I encounter a new book store, my initial judgement is based on the number of books they have that I know, have read and loved. Safe to say, there were numerous of them here. I even overheard one of the book keepers recommending Haruki Murakami, one of my favourite authors, to another visitor, and I knew my love for the place would last.

The prices are a bit more humane than in your regular book store (fiction ranging between $12-$20). Some are second-hand, but every single one I saw was in a great condition. It’s a manageable amount of stalls which allows you to browse through it all without taking too much time, which is great if you are, like me, joined by a partner who’s not as excited about looking at books as you are.

There’s more to the market than just popular fiction, though. You’ll find something to suit all book flavours, whether it’s inspiring cook books, beautiful kids books, intriguing cartoons or non-fiction. There’s even more than just books. On our visit there was one seller offering beautiful handmade fabric greeting cards as well as art exhibited and sold.

It’s a great place to pick up a gift for someone special, or simply for an inspiring browse. I know I’ll be back at least once a month to add some more stock to my ever-growing home library.

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Fed Square Book Market
The Atrium, Federation Square, CBD
Every Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Entry: Free


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