Blender Ln Artists Market



You know how we love night markets. Like the Wednesday night one at Queen Vic. We simply can’t get enough of them! This one is especially cute. Also, it’s on Wednesdays and right around the corner from Queen Vic, together it’s a perfect combo.

This little artists market is set in one of Melbourne’s cute, street art covered laneways. It’s a snug little market, and you might have to squeeze your way through. After all, it is a laneway. What did you expect?

The stuff you find here isn’t really like any other market out there. At least not one I’ve been to. It matches the laneway setting and has a lot more younger artists and designers. Essentially it’s a bit more gritty and less polished stuff. In addition, half of the market is inside this beautiful warehouse.

First off, make your way through the laneway. Look at some stuff on the way, chat to someone, maybe buy something. Take a break and listen to some live music when you’ve reached the end. Got some energy back? Head on in to the warehouse. There might be some stalls in there (or not), but the best part is to simply peek in to the artists studios that are there. It’s all very unexpected, extremely personal and a little magical.


Blender Ln Artists Market
Blender Laneway, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne CBD.

Every Wednesday night between Wednesday 14th November 2012 and February 27th 2013. The market starts at 5pm and closes 10pm

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