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Bey dance Melbourne

“So. I know how it is. You secretly (or not so secretly) loved Destiny’s Child. You were getting all bootilicious jumpin in the club like an independent woman in the late 90s and early naughties.

Then Beyonce went out on her own, and you kind of liked Kelly better …until you couldn’t get Crazy in Love out of your head. Everything changed in 2008. You saw that iconic video: all the Single Ladies. You were air punching and sassy ring finger dancing anywhere and everywhere. And when that song came on, you would try to outdo your friends at remembering ALL the steps….”

Well… if these words speak to you and you find yourself described in these words, then we might have found the perfect workout program in Melbourne for you: Bey Dance!

Bey dance are dance classes dedicated to learning the choreography to ALL of Beyonce’s iconic dances, from Love on Top to Run the World and everything in between, so that you can be the obnoxious person who outshines everyone else on the dance floor.

Bey dance in March

Check out their schedule for March and find more information about it on the Bey Dance Facebook page.
Sounds like fun, aye!? Let’s go!



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