Breakfast at Beaver’s Tail Social Club


Breakfast is pretty much the best meal of the day. If I have to rate it, breakfast definitely shares the first place spot with lunch and dinner. Anyway. What I’m trying to say is I love breakfast. And since Melbournians in general seems to be equally big breakfast nerds as me, I’m feel like I fit in perfectly. So when Klaus (Sandra) asked me to join her for breakfast at this little spot in St Kilda, I was more than game.

Of course I arrived completely starved and stupidly hungry. That’s the way to roll when going out for breakfast. Where did we go, you ask? Well to Beaver’s Tail Social Club of course.

Beaver’s Tail Social Club is teeny tiny and amazingly cute. For some reason I directly got the sense that I wanted to fold it up, place it in my back pocket and bring it home with me. And no, my back pocket isn’t that big, I’m just dreaming big right now.



Despite the place being so small, it feels light and roomy. There’s not many places to sit, but most customers come in for a take away or a quick latte, so there’s plenty space to sit, enjoy the food and drag out your visit.

The place is stuffed with quirky details, like the swordfish in the ceiling, the tennis racket on the wall or the sowing machine on the cupboard. It makes the it feel a little bit like an easter egg, with small surprises hidden here and there. And I simply love, love, love the hanging lights. I always wanted something like that at home, but as long as I live in a rental I’ll have to go back here to get my regular lighting fix(ture. Pun intended!).



The food and drinks are moderately priced and plenty to choose from, but still few enough so you won’t stress out over picking. According to me – just the perfect balance. That means less time spent looking at a menu and more time enjoying your company, book or whatever you’re doing.



Say hi to our breakfast! I had the baked beans, and I promise you I’m not kidding now, it was the best baked beans I ever had. Apparently the crushed avo was great as well, but I was too busy stuffing myself with the beans to taste it. Don’t hold it against me – it really was that good.

Before you go just remember to bring cash as it’s the only means to pay. I live a very cash-free life, and of course forgot and had to do the cash-walk-of-shame to the nearest service station to pick some. Don’t repeat my mistake, okay?


I will definitely go back to Beaver’s Tail Social Club. Not only for the ah-maze-ing baked beans, but because how the place made me feel. I rarely have felt so stress-free and relaxed at such a small place. So, if you see someone sitting in the window, sipping a chai and watching the people go by, it might very well be me. If there are beans involved, you can be almost certain of it.

Beaver’s Tail Social Club
160 Barkly Street, St Kilda, 3182 VIC
Beaver’s Tail Social Club on Facebook

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