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Batch Espresso 4

I wanted to go to Batch Espresso for ages. Whenever I went past it, there was a huge line of people waiting to get in. So I assumed it had to be very special. So when Lani of Fig&Walnut asked me to meet her at Batch Espresso for lunch I was more than delighted at her choice.

Batch is located in Carlisle St in Balaclava, nestled right between Nelson and Hawthorn St. Carlisle St is in my opinion an under-rated street for cafe quality but Batch, among others, is a great place to go for coffee.




The café, in its cramped entirety, pays homage to the owner’s homeland of New Zealand. Odd knickknacks, like severed dolls’ heads and charms, rest along the paneled walls, and fresh seasonal flowers pop out from a deconstructed street sign.


I was told to try the coffee at Batch as many people told me they use a ‘Slayer’ (coffee machine) to brew the black liquid, which apparently is the Rolls Royce of coffee machines. So naturally I ordered coffee… and as it was not the best coffee I ever had it was a very decent coffee and maybe one of the best I had on Carlisle St so far.


Batch is probably most famous for its avocado feta mash. It’s a tired order by now and so I’ve decided to go for the soup of the day – tomatoes, fennel, white beans – and wasn’t disappointed with my choice. It was a heart-warming soup full of fresh goodness and full of flavour.

Batch espresso 2

Other options on the menu include fried haloumi served with pesto made from pounded artichoke hearts and a few almonds, or perhaps mussel fritters served with avocado, preserved lemon and coriander salad.

The Batch breakfast has everything from Coco Pops or boiled eggs with soldiers to home-baked brioche toasted with honeyed ricotta – and now they open for dinner one night a week. All in all a very exciting and inspiring menu that makes me want to come back and try more of it.

Just one thing: Dear girl behind the counter, please seem a little more interested in serving me next time.

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