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You can only imagine how excited I got when a barkeeper told me that his boss is opening a new bar in Richmond. Said boss is no one less than owner of Bar Americano and the former owner of the “oh so famous” bar Der Raum, Matthew Bax. Der Raum is as you might have heard closed and will be reopened in Munich / Germany (no kidding!).

Closing down Der Raum though opened up new opportunities for Matthew Bax and so it was decided to establish a classical Rum bar – Bar Economico.


Taking its name literally, Bar Economico is styled as a typical run down dive-bar with basic furniture, pastel colored walls, caged service areas and fluorescent lighting.
The ambiance doesn’t really make you feel like being in a bar. I couldn’t figure out if I’m impressed with what they created there or if I’m part of some sort of art experiment. Well, it’s definitely a different bar experience you’ll get there.


Instead of paying for your drinks directly at the bar, you have to visit the “managers” booth at the back first and buy a couple of $5 drink tickets first. They’re only valid for the night you’re there, so don’t go crazy until you know you’re in for a serious session. With shots and beer starting at 1 ticket all the way up to 4 tickets for the super boozie cocktails.


With 2 tickets for Cuba Libre (the best one I had so far in Melbourne) and 1 ticket for a can of Tecate (mexican beer), we let ourselves absorb in the theme of the bar and were surprised when they served the beer with salt and lime – something I’ve never tried before but the salt really added to the flavour of the beer. Who would’ve thought and that’s coming from me, one who usually hates salt!


The music was a relaxed mix of electro-jazz and reggae and the crowd made of artsy-hipster-after work drinkers. All over all maybe not a bar for your every night of the week pleasure but if you’re after something fun and different then give it a whirl.
We’ll be definitely go back for some more Cuba Libre.

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38 Church Street, Richmond
Wed to Sun 5:00 pm – 1:00 am

More info on Facebook or on Bar Economico’s website.

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