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It all started with: “Let’s try this restaurant with the vintage beach bikes out the front.” – “You mean the one at South Wharf?” – “Yes that one.” – “What kind of restaurant is it?” – “I don’t know but the bikes are cute and I’ve always wanted to try it.” – “Ok, then I’ll see you guys there at 7:30 pm.”.

We soon found out, the restaurant we had in mind that night, was called BangPop and is located smack at the waterfront of South Wharf.

From the second we stepped in the door we were having fun at BangPop.
Starting with a very enthusiastic welcome from one of the members of the staff, it’s clear they are excited about their concept at this venue and are keen to show it off.


BangPop’s innovative concept delivers an authentic taste of Thailand – Serving Thai street food in a fun and casual environment.
Keeping in line with the street food theme, the menu is designed to share on communal tables. If you are as hungry as we were that night, just tuck into a larger dish all to yourself – there’s no judgement here.


For anyone who has travelled to Thailand and eaten off the beaten track, you’ll know that authentic Thai does not hold back on the spice, and neither does BangPop. The sauce accompanying the PAD KA PROW NUA – stir fried beef mince, basil, garlic and chilli with a fried poached egg, was fiery with chilli hedonism.
Thank god, BangPop uses tea towels as napkins. My friend Will put them to good use as the hot and spicy food hit him hard and gave us all a good laugh.

However each table is given its own sweet (sugar), salty (fish sauce and chilli), sour (lime and chilli), and spicy (chilli flakes) so that each diner can tweak the dishes to their own palate.




Other dishes we had tried were SON IN LAW TOFU – deep fried egg tofu with Tamarind sauce (best tofu I’ve ever had and also you got to love the name), SUA RANG HAI – marinated chargrilled beef with nam jim-jiew, carrot and cucumber pickle, KOR MOO YANG – marinated chargrilled pork neck with nam jim saap and sticky rice and the Vegetarian Pad Thai.

As for the drinks –  the menu includes some asian and crafted beers as well as very tasty cocktails. I’ve tried the LAU KHING which was made of dark rum, ginger sugar, fresh lime juice  and Thai basil. Whoop whoop!

This is by far one of the best Thai places I’ve been so far in Melbourne. We had a fantastic night at BangPop with lots of laughter, super friendly staff and we all agreed we want to come back very soon to try some more drinks and dishes.

BangPop is definitely a great casual dining in a stylish ambient that will leave you in a good mood.

Bangpop Melbourne
35 South Wharf Promenade
(off Dukes Walk),
South Wharf, VIC 3006

More information on Facebook, twitter and their website

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