Australia’s first Cat Cafe has just opened its doors in Melbourne

cat cafe Melbourne

cat cafe Melbourne

You may have heard about cat cafés in Japan.
These are basically cafés where you, like in any other café, can sip your latte, munch on a slice of cake, work or catch up with friends, but… they come with a little twist. You are not only surrounded by humans but also by cute and cuddly feline furballs. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about real live cats, people.

Cat Cafes are becoming known worldwide, the first opening in Taiwan in 1998, and since spreading to Japan, Vienna, Russia, Germany, China, Thailand, the UK, France, and more! The success of Cat Cafes is due to several reasons, the main one being that cats are awesome. In city centres it can be difficult to rent a flat that allows animals, and owning an animal for its entire life is a big responsibility and costly, therefore Cat Cafes are a great solution to these problems. It has also been proven that interacting with cats can lower high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

If your life is sadly devoid of said furball, and you happen to live Melbourne, we have a little tidbit that may brighten up your day:

Melbourne’s first Cat Café has just opened its doors

Our cat cafe offers a calm and relaxing environment where you can let you inner crazy cat person out! We will be offering a small selection of food and beverages that you will be able to take in with you to the cat areas. This means you can sit back with a cat on your lap and enjoy your latte!

12 kitties have moved into the homely cafe in Melbourne’s CBD, just around the corner from the Queen Victoria Market. All the cats have been permanently adopted for the Cat Cafe from animal shelters and range from 5 months to 9 years old.

More information:

Cat Cafe Melbourne
375 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000, VIC
Phone: (03) 9642 8540

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