Auction Rooms and its amazing coffee – An experience for fellow coffee nerds


While Stina went on a mission to discover a few of Melbourne’s markets (we will report soon), I met up with fellow blogger and photographer Yishan Chan in North Melbourne for a little photo walk.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get me interested in a new cafe, bar or restaurant. So when we walked past Auction Rooms on Errol St, Yishan pointed out, that the cafe has recently been named as Melbourne’s best cafe, so naturally I was instantly interested and wanted to see what this is all about.


“We take the part we play as a purveyor of specialty coffee very seriously – we offer beans for home or office use, specialty brewing methods in addition to espresso, and feature a changing coffee of the day available on request alongside our regular blend.”


From the outside not very impressive and you could almost take it for yet another older warehouse waiting for a little TLC, the former WB Ellis auction house, will impress you with an industrial-chic interior.
The smell of coffee, the sounds of an enormous coffee roaster and the very friendly greeting of the staff was what I’ve noticed first. Bring on what you have on offer.


We sat at the bar, where an entire wall was covered with a selection of coffee beans you can buy for home coffee brewing. It was also the place where the coffee magic happened as I soon found out.
I’m a bit of a coffee nerd, but as I’ve never been at this place before, I asked our barista for a recommendation of the coffee from their selection and after a bit of consideration we went with a Konga Ethopian coffee, made in a classic aeropress (my new addiction).



I practically live on coffee. Filter coffee for that instance though is, at least where I grew up, the last thing you would usually order (its taste is so bad that it is just not worth it having a coffee at all ). But some baristas here in Melbourne do know their business and know how to pull it off. And so did our barista.

If you never had an aeropress coffee before, let me tell you a bit about it.
Aeropress coffee is usually not as strong in its taste as your usual espresso based coffee. In fact the taste, depending on the beans you use, is a bit sweater and you can clearly tell, like with a good wine, which flavours shape the taste. Of course you don’t drink it with milk and in fact it is the perfect afternoon coffee, as you could its feel describe it as being something in between tea and coffee.

But back to our barista: He carefully prepared the exact amount of coffee to water on a little scale and made sure to get the perfect temperature when heating up the water.


Every step of the coffee-making process was explained to us and you could clearly tell that he loves every part of his job. His enthusiasm was contagious and I got really excited about my coffee.




I did not get disappointed.
Auction rooms aeropress coffee could probably be described as one of the best filter coffees I had so far in Melbourne. And the helpful and friendly staff added to the experience.


For the food…
I have to admit I was far too excited about the coffee, to have a look at the menu. I did have a muffin which was very good, light and fluffy but I guess I will have to come back to try their menu. In the meanwhile, I’ll dream of that delicious coffee.

Photo credit images #2 and #10: Yishan Chan Photography


Auction Rooms
103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Ph. (03) 9326 7749


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