Artisan Bakery + Swiss Cheese + Apple Wine


Social Media is a great way to connect with people. It is also a great way to connect with us… on Twitter for example or on Facebook.
And that is exactly what one company has done this week.

We’ve been contacted by a brand called “CiderHaus” – a company that brings traditional German cider (called Apfelwein) to Australia.
They’ve invited us to a tasting at an event were they’ve partnered up with “The Red Cow Cheese” and Melbourne based bakery “Brassery Bread”.

Just the thought of cheese, bread and cider made Stina’s and my mouth water. No wonder we went along.


Germans love their bread and let me tell you it’s a though call to find good bread in Australia that Germans are actually happy with. Yes we are a bit snobby when it comes to good bread.
So I was fairly surprised with the bread at this event, that came from Brassery Bread, we were able to try. It was tasty, had this much-needed crunch to it on its crust and hat just the perfect softness to it on the inside.


Brassery Bread is usually a wholesale bakery but opens up its shop on Saturday for retail customers, where you can buy all their fabulous and delicious bread of all sorts. Their range goes from French Artisan Mountain bread –  a classic sourdough loaf made with organic high bran flour, to Vienna White Sourdough, to Quinoa & Soy bread, to Sour Cherry Loafs and my personal favourite a caramelised garlic bread.
And that’s only to name a few.
If you are interested in the bread making process you can have a sneak through their viewing galleries inside the bakery to see the bakers at work.



On Saturdays Brasserie Bread also runs kids and adults baking classes, but I was told booking is essential as the classes are always booked out weeks in advance.

Most of the Thomas Dux stores, stock their bakery goods but you’ll also find them on plenty of markets and in certain supermarkets. To find out if there is one near your location check out their website for further details.

ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-11 ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-10

CiderHaus was the one who invited us to the event.
I was totally excited to try the Apfelwein which in many cases are entirely handmade and produced only in boutique quantities.
Apfelwein has a centuries old tradition. Literally translated as “apple wine”, its a hand-crafted product and the national drink of Frankfurt (in the Hessen Rhein-Main region) in southern Germany, which happens to be fairly close to where I (Sandra) come from as well.

Unfortunately we were only offered to try their regular cider, called “Freyeisen“, which was well-balanced in its flavour, crispy and did actually taste like apple unlike some of the cider you sometimes get here at pubs.
Stina and me would both have loved to try the Champagnerette and Doehne – a sparkling apple wine. Well maybe next time.
More information on CiderHaus and where to get your hands on it on their website and on Twitter


Last but not least came the cheese.
I remember looking at Stina when she saw the fondue and raclette station and wish I had taken a picture of her in that moment. It was priceless. She had sparkles in her eyes and I’m pretty sure I heard an excited little squeak.

The cheese came from “The Red Cow” which happens to be the exclusive importer of the world-famous Sélection Rolf Beeler range of artisan Swiss cheese.
Their current Beeler range includes the raw milk Gruyère AOC, Toggenburger, Emmental AOC, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOC, Alp Dräckloch, Hagebutten and Alp Sbrinz as well as the famous Swiss Raclette and Fondue mix.

ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-18 ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-2

We’ve tried to find out which cheese we liked best but ended up with little hearts and stars on almost all the cheese varieties on our review chart. So much of trying to be a food writer. Hahaha.

Thinking back at it I think we both fell head over heels for the Raclette and the Fondue mix. And if you promise to continue to read K&F I will tell you where you can buy it. Deal?
Well most of the cheese and the Fondue and Raclette mix is available at Bills Farm at the Vic Market.


ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-5 ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-1 ArtisanBakery-SwissCheese-8

We both could have easily spent the entire day there and would have loved to munch our way through all this deliciousness.
More information about The Red Cow are on their website.

It was definitely an afternoon to remember!

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