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Ever heard your friends raving about that wonderful crafts market they went to the other day? Or have you ever written excitedly your shopping list for the local farmers market but when you arrived there you’ve noticed it is not before next weekend?

Well, welcome to the club my friend but no need to be sad. ‘Cause like they say: There is an app for everything. Even for the markets in Victoria

vic-market-app Victoria-markets_2

myMarkets Vic App lets you search for all the Victorian Markets available. And with all we mean all. Crafts markets, flea markets, organic markets… you get the idea.

The app allows you to create a list of your favourite markets and you’ll be able to recall your favourites at the touch of a button through a fully integrated search function. You can also see how well your favourite markets stack up against the rest of the markets. Plus you can view individual market details, such as opening times, location, contact information, the link to the website and a description of the market.

Are you in a hurry to get to a market today? No worries:
Advanced geo-location services from Google do not only pin point where you are and where the markets are but show you how far each market is away from you. Include the smarts to know when a market is open and you have markets that are near you and are open now.

victoria-markets Vic-Markets-app

Your vote counts.  Do you like this market – you get to vote and everyone else gets to see what’s going on.
You can add markets to your  favourites where you’ll easily find the details you want again and again. And of course there are social elements included as well. So you can share information in real-time with other market goers right within the app, add photos to them and the app also allows you to comment on your experiences – perhaps your interactions with an awesome stall holder..

Sounds all great and the only thing you need is the link to download the app? Here we go!

(Sorry Androids, as far as we could see the app is only available at the  iPhone app store yet)

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