About K&F

What we do
Our mission is to find you the best spots, events, culture in and around Melbourne. We’re constantly on the hunt for new places to try out. In addition, we will be testing recommendations we hear about and tell you if it’s really as amazing as it sounds.

Who are we?
You would think that a site dedicated to Melbourne awesomeness would be run by two thoroughbred Melbournians, or at least a couple of Australians. You might also think that our names were Klaus and Fritz. You couldn’t be more wrong.

We are a two women team with our roots in Europe; one German and one Swede. And our names are definitely not Klaus and Fritz (they are Sandra and Stina). Although if you give us some wine and I’m sure we’ll allow you to call us that. 


Sandra Konrad

If I would need to describe myself in three hastags it would be something like #stripedshirts, #digimediachick, #coffee, #3182 and #german. Ok that’s more like 5 hashtags but anyhow you get an idea about who’s writing here.

When I came to Australia in 2004 I just felt like I belonged here. I clearly remember my first day in Melbourne, walking through the streets of the CBD and how purely overwhelmed I had been with what I saw. That was the time when my intense love affair with Melbourne started and hasn’t stopped since.

Although the city has changed a lot since my first days here, I’m still in love with the vibe, the constant change and the ever evolving bar and café scene. I love Melbourne’s street art, the certain European feel to the city, despite the fact we are far down under and living near the beach (something I’ve never done before in my life)… it’s just the perfect combination of everything.

It’s safe to say I’m more than a little addicted to Melbourne’s coffee and if you ask me for brunch, I’m all game. In fact, if you see someone in a striped shirt, black pants, blond hair on a Saturday or Sunday morning, taking pictures of her food, then there’s a good chance that this girl is me.

I like exploring the city with my camera, cocktails on rooftop bars, I love running the Tan, walking through St Kilda’s Botanical garden, and after work barbies by the beach in summer.

I’m also a girl working in Digital Marketing, specialised in SoMe and Content Marketing, working freelance. So if you wanna have a chat with me then ping me ’cause I’m always on the hunt for the best coffee, brekkie, food in town.
So let me know if you have a recommendation and we’ll meet up over coffee and food.

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Stina Evjan

I never thought Australia would be for me. Having always been a traveler and drawn to countries and places normal people would never dream about (one of my top dream destinations is eastern DRC), Australia’s always seemed way too normal.

So when me and the hubby left Sweden we headed to Ghana. Have I told you about Ghana? The weather is absolutely amazing but the corruption is widespread and tough to get used to. Which brought us to Australia. We figured it would be nice and warm and not very corrupt.

Safe to say we were right about one thing. And yes, you’re allowed to laugh out loud about us assuming it would be nice and warm here… We learned the hard way about Melbourne winters. But come on – Australia’s supposed to be warm, isn’t it?

Despite the weather disappointment, I quickly grew to love this bustling yet quiet place. Sometimes Melbourne gives me that same excited, butterfly feeling in my tummy as when you’re in love. Sounds a bit crazy, but hey, that’s life for you.

I think of myself as a creative, designy kind of a person. After all I do work as a designer and photographer. I appreciate the pretty things in life, whether it be an amazing looking cafe around the corner, a beautiful picnic spot in the Botanic Gardens or simply shadows playing around an alleyway. You’ll find me wandering arts and craft markets, taking in the scene in Fitzroy or trying to locate that new themed bar down an alleyway in CBD.

And no, I don’t do coffee. I know, I know, you don’t have to give me grief about it. It’s just the way it is. I compensate it by having way too many chai lattes instead. Even though Melbourne is a coffee Mecca, most places make a mean chai latte. Just sayin’.

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Guest Authors
Melbourne is a big city, and we are only two people. When we can’t cover everything we get a little help from our friends (hey Beatles!). These are the recurring guest author’s you’ll see on the site:


Eric Grigson

I’m an eternally curious person. I want to try everything from restaurants to events to live music. I’ve lived in Melbourne for my whole life and I’m still discovering new places to go to and things to do, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Unlike Stina and Sandra I am highly carnivorous. I pray at the altar of grilled meat and single malt scotch.

Guest-Author-Mad-Juan-Ojeda-100Juan Ojeda

A master of smoked meat and Will Smith lyrics, Juan’s love of food is followed closely by his love of photography. He still hasn’t forgiven Eric for losing that memory card full of pictures from Sails on the Bay.

And where does that weird name come from?
Yes what about it? This is where we should tell you a massively fun story about how the name came about and how it really has a very profound meaning to us. Well, truth be told we don’t have that. We simply came up with a zillion different (equally odd) names and one day we decided that we would just have to pick one. And here we are now.

And if you read this far – congratulations. But head on back to the articles, because that’s what Klaus and Fritz is all about. Enjoy!