A Sunday funday afternoon in Yarraville


I have a confession to make.
When it comes to Melbourne’s suburbs I might be a bit ignorant about the fact that there actually exists life after Brunswick.
I live in St Kilda and truth to be told I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to crossing the river or going north. It takes ages to get there by bike and I’m not a huge fan of public transport in general (but that’s another story).

yarraville streets

Last weekend though I’ve decided I need to broaden my Melbourne horizon and stop thinking that country Victoria starts right after Collingwood. So I’ve decided from now on once a month I’m going to explore suburbs I’ve never been to before – starting with Yarraville.

cornershop view

There was no particular reason why I started with Yarraville. I had little to no clue about what to expect there. The only thing I knew, a friend of mine owns a house over there and keeps telling me that Yarraville is an up and coming area (but everyone keeps telling me this about almost every suburb, so …)

It was a gloomy and rainy Sunday afternoon and so I packed my camera and went westwards through the Docklands, industrial areas and Footscray after I arrived in Yarraville Village after only 25 minutes (by car).

It would be a bit of an understatement saying that I was a little surprised when I saw the cute little city centre in all its Victorian glory mixed with art deco buildings and dotted with quaint neighbourhood cafés, restaurants and boutique shops. Being European I’m not used to charming old Victorian style houses and I simply can’t get enough of them. It makes me so happy and I wish there were even more of them around nowadays.

To the locals I might have come across as a hipster gone mad with my camera constantly snapping but let me tell you Yarraville Village gives you tons of brilliant photo opportunities.

As it started raining again I set shop at one of the many little cafés in Yarraville Village, had a Chai Latte to keep me warm and took in my surroundings.

  • The streets of Yarraville The streets of Yarraville
  • The Corner Shop The Corner Shop
  • Yarraville Station makes for good photos Yarraville Station makes for good photos
  • Cute little shops in the city centre Cute little shops in the city centre
  • yarraville streets yarraville streets
  • Where are we again... Where are we again...
  • For your everyday needs... For your everyday needs...
  • News and Milkbar News and Milkbar
  • Way in - cute little bits and bots shop Way in - cute little bits and bots shop
  • Sun Theatre yarraville Sun Theatre yarraville
  • Next to the station is a coffee shop Next to the station is a coffee shop
  • Yarraville station Yarraville station
  • Corner view Corner view
  • Corner Shop Corner Shop
  • Inside the Cornershop Cafe Inside the Cornershop Cafe
  • The Cornershop Cafe... The Cornershop Cafe...
  • In need of coffee? Next to the station is a little coffee hideaway In need of coffee? Next to the station is a little coffee hideaway
  • Victorian charme Victorian charme
  • lovely little neighbourhood lovely little neighbourhood
  • The village pub The village pub
  • Healthy Yarraville Healthy Yarraville

(click the gallery for more photos of Yarraville)

One thing I’ve noticed immediately, there is no sign of the hustle and bustle you get in inner city suburbs. Yarraville (especially its city centre) is very layback and relaxed which makes it perfect for a funday Sunday brunch with your friends. Just grab a book, get some coffee and relax.This village atmosphere is anchored by the restored Sun Theatre and the adjacent Sun Bookshop, a very prominent landmark in Yarraville with its unique art deco architecture and its 6 cinemas.

If you wanna spent Yarraville a visit and you don’t have a car then the train is your best option to get there. The train station is located in the centre of the village area, 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. The station is serviced by all trains on the Williamstown line. The station is located near Anderson Street in Yarraville Village.

Yarraville: check! Ok where shall I go next month?

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