A cool afternoon at the Tin Pot Cafe


Me and a friend were driving around in a car, trying to find a place to get something to eat (me) and something cold to drink (her). We couldn’t make up our minds so we ended up driving in circles around the city until settling on going to Northcote. We didn’t get that far though. Driving on Brunswick street through Fitzroy North we passed Tin Pot Cafe and decided we weren’t going any further.

Said and done, we parked the car, walked through the wall of hot air (it is a heatwave after all) and into the crisp coolness of Tin Pot Cafe.


The place is a mix of industrial and eclectic. The rustic white walls are dotted with odd artwork and mirrors, making it feel a bit more like someone’s living room than a cafe. Which I like. The homier a place is, the more comfortable can one get. But you’re not here to hear about the artwork, are you?


First out – drinks. So necessary in this weather. Just to be a bit of a pain we ordered iced chai lattes. I seriously craved one, but couldn’t bring myself to drink a warm one. Not on a 40+ degree day. Said and done the barista went ahead making these (even though they weren’t on the menu) and made a swell job. Crisp, clean and a perfect start to the afternoon.


Just look at those walls, will you? I love them dearly. Also, those bulbs are gosh darn pretty.



I ordered some food but my friend, who had already had some lunch, went all in for dessert. And just look at that dessert list, who wouldn’t? This is what she had. The Middle Eastern almond, yoghurt and pistachio cake with orange syrup. Seriously delicious and once a picture had been snapped she inhaled it within a few minutes. I get that though, it was really that good.


I had a harder time making up my mind. Leaning towards to home-made baked beans (because that sounds nothing less than delicious!) I went for a Melbourne standard in the end – a beetroot and feta salad with walnuts. You can never fail with this one, folks. The salad at Tin Pot Cafe also came with its own little twist, with mint leafs and some fresh dill. Scrumptious, delicious and perfect for a hot day.

Tin Pot Cafe is a perfect place for a cosy, yet calm afternoon. I’m keen to go back for dinner as well. If I remember correctly I saw that they had a halloumi burger on the dinner menu, and if it’s anything close to my salad, I will be more than happy to chum it all down.

Tin Pot Cafe
248 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

Photo credits: Angela Jia Zheng

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