95 Espresso – the best coffee in St Kilda?



I’ve walked past 95 Espresso probably a million times but I have never really noticed it …until last week.
For some reason I stopped and allowed myself to read the chalk board sign in front of 95 Espresso. It said:


“Best coffee in St Kilda – voted top 30 in Melbourne.”
Good coffee is not hard to find here in Melbourne, so being voted one of the best 30 coffee bars and advertising it takes a bit of confidence.

I had to try it.


I hadn’t had much time since I was on my lunch break but decided to get a quick take away caffeine fix.

Admittedly despite the fact the cafe wasn’t very busy it took them some time to fix me up with their awarded black gold. But they made up for the long waiting time with the most delicious coffee I have ever had in St Kilda. The coffee is strong yet smooth, had the perfect temperature and was just pure pleasure.




So the sign is in fact right, it is excellent coffee, even by very high Melbourne standards. If you are in for a treat, fix yourself up with a latte from 95 Espresso and some Kugelhopf from the Monarch cake shop next door.

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