2014 Color Run



It’s that time of the year, again. Tomorrow marks the start of the sale of the public tickets to the Color Run in Melbourne 2014 edition, taking place on 16 November. And this is one race we like. Sure, the whole point of this run isn’t particularly running, to be honest most of the way round you’re walking, and not even that fast. But this race is so much more. We like to head there with a group of friends, prepare with silly outfits and hair dos, and warm up with some crazy dancing. There is a reason they call this the happiest 5k on the planet.


Then it’s time for the run. You’ll go through 5km. Most of that time is simply time you’ll take talking to your friends, laughing and making jokes, until you reach the main events – the colour depots. About every kilometer, you reach one colour station, where you walk into a cloud of colour and volunteers spray colour everywhere. Yes, everywhere. We recommend bringing goggles, that’ll really help to keep it out of the eyes. The goal? To get as much colour as you like. No one will really care about the time you did. I think our little group took about 50 minutes to get through the whole course last time. And I promise, we’re not that out of shape.


After 5km, a whole bunch of colour depots, you reach the finish line. Yay you, you did it! But hang on, the fun isn’t over. Head on back to the area where they had the warm up for some more dancing. At every full hour they also release even more colour there, so you’ve got the change to get a whole lot more colour on those clothes. And oh, did I mention? You do get some additional colour packets, so you can have an exclusive little colour cloud with all your friends.

131125-ColourRun-105 131125-ColourRun-93

You’ll end up being completely covered in colours and the colour will be everywhere. Who cares though? That’s why people invented showers and washing machines. So get a team together, book yourself in, and look forward to a day totally in colour!


PS. Yep, that’s right, that’s me, right before we left the colour run area last year. Ain’t I cute with all those colours going on? DS.

The Swisse Color Run
16 November 2014 in Melbourne

Ticket Prices
Will be added tomorrow once they have been released

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